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Stacey Rudin Taylor Leigh DesignsTaylor Leigh Designs is the creation of Stacey Rudin. Stacey’s love for artisanal jewelry with it’s textured combination of semi-precious stones and exotic materials, stems from her adventures through the markets of Turkey, Europe and the Southwestern United States. “Every element I incorporate into my jewelry is one of a kind, giving a unique personality to each piece.” Stacey has been designing custom jewelry for her discriminating clientele for over 15 years. Her success and love for her craft has propelled her to create the Jake Collection, an artisanal bracelet collection for men named after her son.

The Jake Collection incorporates semi-precious stones, silver, lava, wood, and leather. Each bracelet can be worn on it’s own or as a stacked combination blending textures and materials

Stacey Loves and creates her jewelry in Toronto, Canada.

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